DI District 10 Predictions


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Now that district play is one week away what are your predictions for this district?

#60 Gordon - Record 2-4
Average Current Rank of Opponents 64.8
Gordon 16 (#5)Dallas The Covenant 62
Gordon 56 (#79)Stephenville Faith 6
Gordon 24 (#42)Blanket 28
Gordon 30 (#12)Strawn 75
Gordon 44 (#45)Waco Live Oak 56
Gordon 80 (#206)Stephenville Huston Academy 7

#91 Lingleville Record 5-1
Average Current Rank of Opponents 129.6
Lingleville 62 (#84)Rising Star 40
Lingleville 58 (#240)Moran 12
Lingleville 42 (#38)Blackwell 88
Lingleville 54 (#89)Granbury North Central Texas Academy 44
Lingleville 103 (#145)Cranfills Gap 79
Lingleville 68 (#182)Gold-Burg 22

#158 Evant Record 5-2
Average Current Rank of Opponents 165.1
Evant 54 (#145)Cranfills Gap 30
Evant 39 (#162)Kopperl 28
Evant 46 (#229)Covington 0
Evant 64 (#204)Lohn 12
Evant 48 (#240)Moran 0
Evant 48 (#17)Santa Anna 96
Evant 48 (#159)Oglesby 60

#200 Gustine Record 0-7
Average Current Rank of Opponents 68.4
Gustine 8 (#99)Iredell 57
Gustine 0 (#44)Mullin 63
Gustine 0 (#50)Walnut Springs 46
Gustine 0 (#27)Richland Springs 54
Gustine 0 (#8)May 56
Gustine 12 (#172)Sidney 59
Gustine 18 (#79)Stephenville Faith 64


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I think it will be a repeat of last year.
Gordon #1 by a mile.
Lingleville and Evant fights it out for #2.
Gustine #4.
I'm going to say Evant for #2. (could be just wishful thinking)
Evant started the year slow but then seemed to improve.
They gave up a lot of points to Santa Anna, 96, but they scored 48 which encouraged me.
Last week makes me wonder, they lost to a team that had lost to two teams that Evant had beaten, but I'm pulling for them no matter what.


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I think it may be a better battle this year between Gordon and Lingleville and Gordon and Evant. I can't completely count out any of the three from a playoff spot. Going into the season I really thought Evant would be better than Lingleville but seeing the scores, it is hard to tell. Santa Anna is very good and Evant showed they can put a lot of point on the board against a good team.


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I believe that's a pretty good assessment.
I don't think Gordon is as strong as last year, but I believe they have more talent than everyone else.
They seem to be putting it together and they play such a strong schedule.
The other thing is injuries which all six-man teams do such a good job of keeping under wraps.
I don't have a clue if the teams are healthy or not.

Shad Kline

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Looks like Evant can score points.
Lingleville has already posted a 100 point game this year.

This could be a record setting game. My prediction is Lingleville 128, Evant 120.

Blue Bird

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I expect Gordon to win this district. I expect Lingleville and Evant to have a real shootout for second. I am amazed at how well Gustine has hung in there to finish out this season.

When and where will Lingleville and Evant play?

Shad Kline

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olderelk":1zeaybbx said:
10/25 7:30 @ Evant.
Wow! Hornkeeper.
Just for the record, I think it could go the other way too. I didn't know it was @ Evant, so theres that too.\
But whichever team wins, I think it will be a very high scoring game.