D1 District 9 for 2020

Blue Bird

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I have been looking over the DCTF, for this district, they have picked Saint Jo and Bryson to make the playoffs. Do any of you guys agree with this? I noticed Bryson has all six of their offensive players returning from a 5-5 team. Saint Jo only has two, but on paper they look pretty good. Perrin-Whitt also has 6 offensive players returning from a playoff team, so why is Bryson picked 2nd and Perrin-Whitt picked 4th? I also noticed that the forty times shown in the DCTF is really pretty fast. Are these times accurate? Or is the magazine lopping off two or three tenths of a second to make them look good.

For a purely football question: How many points does having the home field make? I have always considered home field to be worth 2 TDS. I suppose that would be 12 to 16 points, depending upon how good your extra point team is.