D-1 playoffs course


How do you feel the East will pan out, I have seen most of the major players and my pick for ATT is..................?


Abbott is not as good as yall think! Go look at their schedule and prove me wrong. They have played nobody!
I don't need to look at the schedule. I was at the games. I hear what you are saying and you do have a point. That being said, their defense is very fast and very physical. Time will tell I guess.


And I don't mean that in a Bad way either. I just feel like if your schedule doesn't build you. Then how good are you? Yes, time will tell....That's the exciting part of the playoffs. I hope they go injury free.
Crazy how WV is in the east now...they'd have 3 straight state title appearances from 2011-2013 if they had been there then. Down year but that's just usually how things work