Creating MS Schedule


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Good afternoon,

My name is Parker Ainsworth, I work at a small (in student population) private school in North Dallas. This year, we have had to make the switch to six-man football in our middle school. We think this is a temporary measure, so I'm hesitant to jump into a formal league or conference this season. But we do need to schedule some games. We prefer Thursdays (Fridays our whole MS Staff is also an assistant with the Varsity, and thus we would have to divvy up who goes where). As for our team, we'll have around 12 combined 7th and 8th graders, the vast majority of whom have never played tackle football before.

We're pretty green and learning the six-man game, but excited to play some football. In our pencilled in schedule, we currently have a scrimmage on 8/26, can't schedule a game the week of 9/6 or 9/13, and have a game in for 9/23.

If you've got availabilities, please let me know and I'll email ya to get the ball rolling!