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Just the facts ma’am. The truth hurts.

What college did you graduate from “mam”?

Obviously a better one than you. It is spelled “ma’am”, not “mam” you dolt. Also, from your earlier comment “how many other coaches have went from”, I didn’t want to say anything but since you’re going to question my education, the “went” should be “gone”. So, so, basic. You are the last person who should be questioning someone’s education.
This whole message board is just sad and toxic. Hard to read without cringing. I'm surprised it's gone this long. Congrats to Tip and Cherry on their new jobs (everyone clap). There ya go, its over now. I assume that is what we all were waiting on. Can we move on to other things that are relevant besides starting arguments behind anonymous names. Sunni, I physically cannot keep from throwing up while you try and bait someone into a debate about this mans life. All you are doing is making a fool out of Tip online. No one has ever said he can't coach and no one talks bad about him on six man. Yet you stay on here bringing his name up and dragging it through the mud. From now on people can't think of the name Thomas Tipton without thinking of the foolishness of this post. This is the kind of stuff that haunts people forever. Also, Stop talking about his exit from Richland unless you really want everyone in your families business. Let it rest. You are so worried people are going to hurt Tip at his next job but people here are happy for him. People ask me all the time what he is gonna do next year and wish him well in the same sentence. You are the one they are getting pissed at because you can't sit down and enjoy your life and husbands promotion to a 6A school. Y'all are creating your own drama because you can't let go of the mistakes you made before your firing and his dismissal.
Stop saying there was a coup, stop attacking coaches on here who do not get on here to see it and seriously just let it go and move on.
Hey everyone, remember what I said earlier, kids read this site too so if you are going to be vile and vicious, take it to the back channel, move to another site or meet out behind a Wal Mart !
I hope that most everyone can agree that the kids getting to play football, especially this year’s Seniors are the most important people out there, so be happy for them and move on !
Schools that recently hired:

Schools still looking:
Darrouzett (starting football program)

Schools looking for assistants
Motley (girls coach)
Miami (girls basketball)
Santa Anna (boys basketball/etc.)
And I’m sure many more.
Who did they hire at Higgins? They didn't finish last football season, heard they might not have enough boys to field a football or basketball team.
Brian Sepkowitz is the new head football coach at Wellman-Union. He was previously the defensive coordinator at New Home.

This is a little bit older news but I didn’t see it posted on the thread. Isiah Archer is the new head football coach at Lorenzo. He was previously the HC at Southland the past 2 seasons.
I didnt think there was a lot of coaching changes this year...but I just counted 35 (36 including Irion Co) in public schools, still lower than the last 2 years but it's inching up there
One _pac2018":jljfgbxc said:
Who all got a whole new staff?

A whole new staff? Football staff or total coaching staff?

Doubt very many, usually just one maybe two coaches...a whole new staff intels, these days, 3 or more

Good question thou...wish I knew that answer but I would probably say less than 5 of the 35 (probably 1 or 2).

Im guessing Richland Springs might be the closest to having a whole new staff but Im not 100% sure on that (Rigdon was there already)