Coaching Carousel 2022-2023

Arent some of these ISDs pushing it a bit close to the start of their summer programs? Id assume school has what 5 or 6 weeks left. Getting closer and closer to the season.
Is Dime Box going to field a team in 2023?
I no longer coach over there, I helped to start the program back in 2019 and was the head coach for both seasons they had a team. However, I know for the past two years we didn't have enough for a varsity but did start junior high. As far as the upcoming year, I don't really know what their plan is. I certainly hope they do, but we shall see.
Lingleville has been open for AD/HFB for awhile now, just wasnt posted on here. Dont know if they have hired or not.
Harrold has filled their opening. Harrold's Superintendent (Cody Patton) posted on the ISD Facebook site in February that Shad Walker is the new AD.

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A couple of updates from local news outlets across the state...

Edgar Ramirez is the new head coach at Marfa after Arturo Alferez took over as the district's interim superintendent
Justin Hilliard is taking over at Sanderson after previously serving as Chester's head coach
Jay Bingham is taking over at Welch Dawson

Welch Dawson: