Coaching Carousel 2022-2023


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Arent some of these ISDs pushing it a bit close to the start of their summer programs? Id assume school has what 5 or 6 weeks left. Getting closer and closer to the season.


Is Dime Box going to field a team in 2023?
I no longer coach over there, I helped to start the program back in 2019 and was the head coach for both seasons they had a team. However, I know for the past two years we didn't have enough for a varsity but did start junior high. As far as the upcoming year, I don't really know what their plan is. I certainly hope they do, but we shall see.


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There is a new head coach at Waco Parkview Christian. His name is Gary Holcolm. My son will be a senior there and he was introduced as the new HC there a few weeks ago.