Cherokee vs Richland Springs

Johnny South

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Does anyone want to speculate on the score of the big San Saba County CHAMPIONSHIP game between the Cherokee Indians and the Richland Springs Coyotes? The TOY says Richland Springs by 45 points.

OK fans. Give me your opinions.
I have the score written down on a cigarette paper (bad habit I know) and hermetically sealed in a quart mayonaise jar, and will withhold it for the present time. (I will enter it later)

Johnny South

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smokeyjoe53":2rn9wqzt said:
westexasflats":2rn9wqzt said:

47 yard field goal as the clock expires
Would you like to share what you're smoking?

I will say this much. "Flats is waaay off on his prediction. The best I recall, around 93 points off!

The lid will be removed (or the jar will be broken) tomorrow and the actual score revealed.

Johnny South

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I broke the jar and removed the paper with the score for the big game. There was enough left-over mayo in the jar to soak through the cigarette paper and obliterate the written score. And, since I have reconsidered my previous position, that score will remain undisclosed.

I had originally thought that the Indians would try to throw on the Coyotes which would prolong the misery, and extend the score to a possible record of 97.
Now, I am convinced that the Indian Chief will keep it on the ground and bleed the clock.

I now believe that Flats is almost exact in his projection. High 60's to mid teens.