Center Sneak


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Ive had one chapter say its legal, one say its illegal, ive had a few coaches say its legal, a few say its illegal!!??

Senario: Center snaps the ball through his legs to the QB. QB then wraps the ball around the center putting it into his arms. Center advances the ball. Legal??


This is legal in sixman football. The ball cannot be handed back to the snapper through his legs. It must be wrapped around just as you described. Here is the rule from the UIL site.

(7-1-6) 12. The ball may be handed in any direction to any player during a scrimmage down behind the
neutral zone. A linesman may receive a forward hand-off at any time and is not required to be
2 yards behind his line of scrimmage and does not have to face his goal prior to receiving the
hand-off. EXCEPTION: The ball may not be handed forward to the snapper through his legs.
PENALTY: 5 yards from previous spot and loss of down (S19 & S9).


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Nice, and very true. Although I think the change in rule to a "clear hand off" no longer make it a sneak. :) More like a Center Blast.


Question on this type of a play ... maybe I'm dense (real probable), but I'm walking through this play in my head.

QB takes the snap, then takes the ball and gives it to the center, standing in front of him facing away from the QB. So, the QB would have to hold the ball quite a bit away from his body to hand it to the center.

If I was the defensive coordinator and knew my opponent would have such a play in his playbook, perhaps a good solid hit on the center about that time would cause a football to find a place on the rug, if you know what I mean.

It just sound like a fairly dangerous exchange from an offense perspective.

But then, I did say I could be dense ...


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Yeap they took all the fun out of it. lol the ole center sneak was always good for 5 yards when used correctly.


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Back in the day at Gordon we used a center play like this:

I would be over the ball. The QB would get under me. We always ran an off balanced offense. If no one lined up over me the QB would tap me under on the direction he wanted me to go. I would take one step in that direction and the football would be in my hands. We scored a lot of TDs like this.

The backfield would not know there was a change in the play so they would be running the called play as if it was real and it would suck the D in most of the time.

The main time this got ran was my junior year with Greg Wright, senior, as the QB. Never did get it to really work with any of the other QBs.


PS we had a called play for a pass to the center, would be called a 60 PASS. In that one I ran a post pattern, it rarely worked for any gain, to long in developing.


I cant remember if it was last year or two years ago, but in the All-star game they did a play very similar. They had two receivers split far out with a third WR being at the slot, the QB was under the center with a single back behind. They ran a a couple sweeps to set up the defense and then handed it off to the center for a a pretty good run(12 yards) for TD.


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I learned of this play my sophmore year when i watched Richland Springs run it in on a 1 point conversion against, i want to say, Happy. They also ran a similar play where they snapped the ball and the right offensive end ran a quick slant to the inside. the QB proceeded to do an underhanded pass through the legs of the center to the reciever and noone ever saw the pass coming. From my understanding i is legal becuase it is not a handoff under the legs but mearly a lowpass.
Chet Forehand at Weinert ran the pass to the end between center's legs. Never was able to do it, but it was a neat play and hard to defend. Now you folks can scratch your heads about who is Chet Forehand and where in the heck is Weinert. Ha