Broadcast of Richland Springs vs Rochelle


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There is nothing at about tonight's game between Richland Springs and Rochelle. If the game were not live-streamed, it should at least be a radio broadcast. Does anyone know what's up? I called RS and they did not know why. Thanks.


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This is the only explanation I have found. Obviously it relates directly to the San Saba game but I assume it will also relate to the Richland Springs game.......
OK Dillo an explanation before the game tonight...the sansabaradio phone app (audio only) may or may not work tonight depending upon when you last updated your phone. Apple has cut off the audio phone app until we jump through hoops to become an Apple app developer. This means screening by Dun and Bradstreet, proof of organization, etc....and paying an extra fee per year to have us on....we are working on it as I type this......BUT the audio/videostream is intact and good to go for tonight's game on our website......THANKS FOR YOUR understanding.....GO DILLOS