Bluff Dale


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Well it didn't go as well as it could have. Inexperience is apparent but that will go away with time. But just as important, I saw instances of brilliance, these 6, 5 men and a lady, played both sides of the ball against a team at least twice in number. they showed they could, and did run on the bobcats. Rookie mistakes cost the Eagles and allowed the cats to score.

Turn overs stopped at least 3 drives that the Eagles had going but they never gave up.

All in all the game had a lot of positive points. Coach Jackson has worked some wonders with these kids and if he can get a few more to come on out and works as hard as the 6 he has, they can be in post season.


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Your absolutely right, but then again I don't know of any team that starts the season thinking that they just want to finish. I also remember when I was at Loraine that there were so many doubters out there that it became comical. We were supposed to get beat by 45 every week.