Big Games Out West This Week


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There are two big games out West I have my eye on:

Rankin vs Balmorhea (Thursday night in Rankin)
Da Bears are predicted to win by 42
This will be a district championship game but more important than will determine the road for the playoffs.

Garden City vs Sterling City
SC is predicted to win by 45

What is interesting is that the winner of the Rankin/Balmorhea district will play the 2nd place team from the Sterling City/Garden City District. This means that in the first round of the playoffs two very good teams will be eliminated.

After week one of the playoffs two of the teams below will be eliminated!

Balmorhea-- Rank #1
Sterling City--Rank #2
Rankin--Rank #4
Garden City--Rank #7

I believe both games will be much closer than predicted. I also believe there could be an upset in the making this Thursday night. Rankin matches up well against the Bears. It will be the game to watch this week!

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Since Sterling City went sixman in 2008 they have played Garden City 13 times (twice in the playoffs). Garden City has won 11 of these 13 games, some close and some not-so-close. That being said, I believe this year will see a little redemption for the Eagles. I think Sterling City 45's the Bearkats this time around, even though the game is played in Garden City.