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I've heard some good things about Benjamin this year. Really tough matchup with Jayton though in Rd 1.

Is this a once in a lifetime team for Benjamin?

Can they pull off the upset win?
I believe it was 1985, I was playing for May. We made it to Bi-District and played Benjamin in Anson. They only had 6 players playing, they played both ways the entire game, I forget the exact score, but they beat us pretty handily. Some of the best athletes I've ever seen.


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Played his sophomore junior group in JH and they were awesome and extremely disciplined. He’s kept that going and they just keep getting better and better. They may have some seniors gone after this year but Coach Waters has built that talent where they will be good regardless.
So, was there one senior? Ten seniors? No seniors? Just a simple question.
If the team consisted of all underclass men, they should be a powerhouse next year.
Let's just say he has talent coming up and some seniors. Idk about your snarky comment about 10-12 lol but get real man. Benjamin has been notorious for having a decent/good JH and then their athletes transfer to Knock City. Kind of similar to the kids at Patton Springs who go to Motley County in HS... Apparently, they have stayed home at Benjamin under Waters because he's that great of a Coach. (& He doesn't have to recruit) Prove me wrong bud.
* Btw tell me the last time Benjamin was even ranked in the last 20 years?


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How many seniors were on the Benjamin team this year?
Simple enough question... And I didn't read anything malicious in your question. And your follow up confirmed NO bad intent. After the great year Benjamin had, if they are young, they have a lot to look forward to. Great job letting it go. Continue to soar like an eagle my brother. I kept silent for a couple hours but it got the best of me and had to respond. Its 2021 and someone will always find a problem where none exist.
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