Baseball Hall of Fame (any baseball nerds out there)


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I said based on his career so far. I certainly would vote for him today but if you extrapolated his stats & performance will he be considered?


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Sorry guys but I will respectfully disagree about Pete Rose. he was a fantastic player but you cannot stick a player / coach who bets on games , his own games, as he has admitted and stick him in the HOF. it is not right and it will never be right. More importantly, Pete Rose acknowledges what he did but still does not see the magnitude of the wrong. He always hedges his explanation. And just as a side note, the way he treats the fans of baseball at his signing events continues his slime ball personality.

My opinion but just saying.

I respect your opinion, but the hall of fame is for a players work on the field. Anything done off the field should have no bearing on their place in history. Many of our hall of famers, in every sport, made terrible choices off the field. Pete Rose was one of the best baseball players to step foot on the diamond. Yes, what he did was stupid! But it never stopped him from performing on the field. One player/manager (non-pitcher) can not affect the spread in a baseball game enough to make a significant difference (excluding Bill Buckner). I'm not condoning what he did. I'm just saying there are tons of pro athletes that I wouldn't want my daughter dating; but was the best at their sport during their tenure. He served enough time out of the hall and deserves to take his place alongside his teamates and fellow competitors.

I find myself agreeing with that. Rose is a complete jackass, but again, so are a LOT of pro athletes in all sports. Given his publicized antics, I wonder just how much shady stuff Babe Ruth did back during his playing days?

That's always been my point. Michael Jordan also bet on basketball games, but because he is the God to basketball, know one cared. He deserves in just like the rest of the scoundrels.