any upsets in week 1

Blue Bird

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I don't know if they can pull an upset, but keep an eye on Motley County and Westbrook. I expect it to be a good bit closer than 45 points.

I also expect the Eden and Blackwell game to be closer than 45 points.

If what I heard this week is true, Sidney may able to play Zephyr a very competitive game.
For this week 2 game, my prediction is that the Westbrook - Borden County game will be a lot closer than the predicted 45 points in BC's favor.
I don't know Johnny. I made the effort of going to Gordon and watching Calvert and BC. I guess you could lay it off on just one scrimmage and being the first game, but I wasn't really impressed. Way to many turnovers. When Calvert got a fumble they would have 40 to 60 yards to go for a TD. When BC got the turnover they would have 20 yards or less. That was pretty much the difference in the game. I kinda like Westbrooks chances with BC.