A little pre-DCTF talk

Blue Bird

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IF May finishes fifth is this district, they will have the best team to finish fifth in a long time! Push comes to shove I would pick this district like this:

1. Santa Anna
2. May
3. Rochelle
4. Zephyr
5. Lometa

May, Rochelle, and Zephyr will have solid teams but Valencia is the athlete on a sixman field.

Santa Anna visits May on the first district playing date. The winner of that game wins the district.

Hornet Nation

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Santa Anna

Winner of Rochelle vs Santa Anna game wins district...Rochelle will win first district championship in school history this year, in my opinion.


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Most people on these boards count Zephyr out every
year saying they graduated to many key players. First off most of there key players last year didnt complete a intire game. Coach Jesko was very good about playing the entire team. Second Zephyr always has key players step up the following year. And final thought is that I do believe there JV went undefeated last year and 45ed most of those games. The district race will be a fun one to watch again. So ready for football!!!


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anytime anyone supports their team and not Zephyr you think they are counting you out or looking past your team. I dont guess you will like this then.

1/2- Rochelle/Santa Anna - Both teams return 2 very good backs and will be hard to stop.
3 - May - Has a very solid program with great fundementals they could steal one of the playoff spots.
4 - Lometa - Was very young last year but you could see the talent, will surprise some people.
5 - Zephyr - They did lose everything from varsityt except a kicker and 1 main contributor. They have had 3 coaches in 3 years and play in a very tough district. Its not an insult just the truth.


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Close but wrong they also return there QB/RB Bradley Lewis which was a great player. And it is true they are my team along with several other that I support. They are just the only one that never gets respect on here. Actions speek loader than words.

Blue Bird

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According to the week 1 rankings, it is a little crowded at the top of this district. I like it. It should be fun!