6 on 6 Gridiron for publisher


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Someone asked me yesterday for a playbook that they could draw 6 on 6 pass plays on. Here is what I came up with.

If anyone wants a copy just let me know.
sent most of you the 6 on 6 and a Offense template.

The print setup on it is designed on 8 1/2 by 11 portrait in booklet format. So if you wanted, you could take your playbook to any print shop (i.e. staple, office max) and have them print it up, laminate it (so you can use a dry erase pen to make notes) and put it in a binder. I'm a big guy so it fits in my back pocket, lol.

You could use the same concept of any type of cheat/quick sheet, come coaches just like the play calls with them divided up to runs, plays and optimum yardage expected.

I'm not a coach but it looks good on paper...haha
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