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Well, I got out of the house and watched Jonesboro and May last night. By my unofficial count May won 6-3, I was not impressed with either teams ability to consisitantly sustain long distance drives. May had more long distance fire power than Jonesboro, which pretty much was the difference in the scrimmage.

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Week 1 scores for this district.

Lometa 74 Lingleville 40
Baird 34 Crowell 7
May 51 Borden County 6
Santa Anna 56 Trent 0

Next weeks games

Baird at Hermleigh
Gorman vs Sidney
May at Sterling City
Rising Star at Santa Anna
Three Way at Lingleville

Does anyone from Gorman know if they will play their game this week?

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week 2 scores

Gorman 54 Sidney 8
Santa Anna 60 Rising Star 8
May 104 Sterling City 80
Baird cancelled with Hermleigh and I saw where Three Way played someone other than Lingleville

Week 3 schedules

Gorman at Blum
Lingleville at Blanket
Gordon at Baird
Abilene Christian at Santa Anna
Knox City at May

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week 3 scores

Gorman 47 Blum 34
Lingleville 60 Blanket 12
Baird 37 Gordon 32
SA 84 Abilene Christian 46
May 65 Knox City 16
This was a good week for district 13. I have a couple of thoughts at this point in the season. Does Blum have any kids out that may be back by playoff time? Santa Anna scheduled the weakest teams that they could find last year so that winning would have a positive effect on their kids. It worked, maybe too well. They hit a wall when district play started. I would caution SA to stay grounded with your expectations and just play hard.

week 4 games

Strawn at Gorman
SA at Brookesmith
Morgan at Lingleville
May at Evant
Baird at Chillicothe

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week 4 scores

Strawn 60 Gorman 15
Santa Anna 60 Brookesmith 12
Lingleville 58 Morgan 8
May 63 Evant 6
Baird 53 Chillicothe 0

week 5 schedule

Santa Anna at Medina
Gorman at Gustine
Lingleville at Moran
Blum at May
Baird has a bye unless they decide to pick up a game.

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week 5 scores

Santa Anna 65 Medina 20
Gorman 65 Gustine 16
Llingleville 48 Moran 0
May 77 Blum 14

This is shaping up to be one of the better districts in the state. The lowest ranked team is at 35 after week 4. The gap will probably close some more before district starts.

week 6 schedule

Lingleville at Walnut Springs
Baird at Lueders-Avoca
Newcastle at May
Panther Creek at Santa Anna
Perrin-Whitt at Gorman