2021 UIL Championships Broadcast on Bally's


I can confirm this is a go. The old Fox Sports Southwest, now Bally's, will be broadcasting the games live. Not only that, but the crew will be in attendance for the first time at AT&T Stadium. Usually, the crew is getting a feed and broadcasting from the studio in Irving.

I know this because I am coming back to do the color for the game. Craig Way will be the play-by-play. We will even have spotters and maybe even stats people with us. I am excited and looking forward to seeing everyone in person.


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I like that "Founder" title here. This is great news. Many more people should be able to watch the games easier than in the past, not just fans in Texas but world wide. Great for the game you've promoted so well for so many years.
It's wonderful that you are coming back for another year and teaming up with Craig for the expert analysis. Both for fans and those not familiar with 6-man.
I'll stand up and wave at ya in the press box (Not the bunker in Las Colinas!) immediately after the kickoff of the SG - MCM game. Even if others around me think I'm nuts and you don't see me.
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