2021 Round 1 Playoffs Pick-Em

Sorry for late submission I’ve had a very busy week...

Spur by 12
Happy by 2
Sterling by 38
Rankin by 10
Saint Jo by 40
Abbott by 45
May by 38
WV by 45

Anton by 6
Groom by 8
Motley by 32
Jayton by 45
Strawn by 38
Gordon by 40
Cherokee by 8
Richland by 45
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Dang I hope Simplyput picks Water Valley this week. Since he seems to know who’s gonna win.
There was a lot of data to analyze the 1st two rounds and comments in the boards can be very enlightening. I think that data can be tossed aside from here on out. Turnovers, whether created or nervous mistakes, experience, coaching adjustments, health of team at kickoff and injuries during game will change outcomes. Due to these unknowns I don't expect to do as well this week. But I will be picking the Boys of WV. The biggest upset for me right now is I can't be there to witness. I will be in town for Thanksgiving and had my fingers crossed for the WV-MAY showdown to be on a Friday. It isn't, and unfortunately I will be crossing the Red River heading North a several hours before kick off. My stomach is still upset.