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Who wins state in baseball
New home
I will take the defending champs ABBOTT!


Slocum looks strong with an average of 14.8 points per game and only giving up 1.6 points per game in the playoffs. They could be a real contender, but I have to agree that Abbott is my favorite to win it again. They are just to deep.


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Hey BigCzech it's good to have you back on the boards again. You weren't as active during this years football season.
But I too think Abbott will wins it all (Baseball)

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Many thought the Fayetteville - D’Hanis series was for State.
Fayetteville lost one Senior from last years team. I understand Abbott lost 4.
Fayetteville Lions over Abbott by at least 2 and then Fayetteville wins again in final
To become State Champs.
That’s the way it looks from here.

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Fayetteville 11-7 over Abbott. Same score as last years Championship game but reversed.
Fayetteville takes State tomorrow.
At least that’s the way it looks from here.....


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What a crazy ending to New Home vs Slocum! Definitely a heartbreaker for NH! Slocum wins 8-7 due to an errant throw to first by the third baseman from NH to get the 3rd out with the score tied at the bottom of the 7th.
Great season, Leopards!

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Too many errors by Fayetteville and a solid performance by Slocum.
Slocum earned the State Championship and are to be congratulated.
Prediction for next season: D’Hanis and Abbott are looking very strong
With young teams coming up.
Congratulations to all for a Great Season!