1999 Gordon vs Panther Creek (w/ radio commentary)

Leman Saunders

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Someone brought this game up in another thread saying Lyle Campbell beat Panther Creek single handedly.

Lyle was an amazing player that really filled out his senior year no doubt and while he had a great game against the unbeatable Panther Creek team in 1999...he did not beat them single handedly...without Chance Kite, Gordon does not win that game. #32 Chance Kite was the unsung hero of that team in my opinion. Against PC Kite scored 4 touchdowns (2 rushing, 1 receiving, 1 KO return) His KO return after PCs 1st TD was a big play to answer and he scored 3 of Gordons 4 TDs in the 2nd half including a 60+ yard run and the final TD on a 50+ yard reception.

I wish we could bring back the message board from 1999! Leading up to that game there was a big topic asking "Does Gordon Have A Chance?" and I remember writing a long reply explaining that they had a great chance...Chance Kite