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    Mount Calm Offensive Coordinator

    Mount Calm ISD is searching for a reliable, motivated football coach (Offensive Coordinator). We are returning 5 starters including an All-Region Spread-back and finished with a 6-4 record. We successfully passed a bond and will be building new athletic facilities this coming year. Preferred...
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    Mount Calm Football Offensive Coordinator

    Position/Title: Varsity Offensive coordinator Teaching Openings •JH/High School Social Studies • JH/High School Math Coaching Duties: •Varsity Football Offensive Coordinator •Assistant Boy’s Basketball •Possible Spring Sport •New Athletic Facilities being built within the next year. Any...
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    Mount Calm Assistant Football/Boys Coach

    Mount Calm ISD is looking for an Assistant Varsity Football coach as well as a potential spring sport coach. Teaching Fields desired are high school Math, Social Studies, or JH Social Studies. Applicant must have a CDL or potential to get one ASAP. Send any applications or questions to Wesley...
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    Rigdon/Richland Springs article

    I’d like it if Granger could step in and not allow myself nor my father to be slandered by the JB herd. I wasn’t even in the article and no one from my family gets on here. Thank you.
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    When elite players play JV

    Can I be left out of this please? I don’t come on this site under any name but my own. I get drug into the drama once a week and I don’t even live there anymore. It’s easy to assume since I don’t work there anymore than in some way I am bitter and sit on sixman starting useless drama. That is...
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    Water Valley Needs Week 2

    For anyone that wants to see me prove T-dog is a liar please inform me the rules on showing text messages online. I do not want to disclose private messages between two coaches online and break any privacy laws but I would love to show the screen shots to everyone on this site. I am not a...
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    Water Valley Needs Week 2

    Tdog I tried to schedule Mclean and Baird this year when I was still coaching with Richland and we didn't cancel on anyone else. In fact I am still in possession of text messages from both schools I will gladly show with the coaches permission because we in fact did not cancel. This web page...
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    Any openings for basketball tournaments Dec 19-21

    I know it is early but anyone out there have any tournament openings Dec 19-21 the days right after the State Football games?
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    Richland Springs Scrimmage and Week 2 Game.

    Finding the games isn't the hard part it is getting someone to actually agree to play. I have actually already spoken to one of these teams before. No dice. Thank you SW Raider for the help. I wish it were as easy as you believe it to be.
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    Richland Springs Scrimmage and Week 2 Game.

    Thank you for your opinion but this post was asking for a week two game or scrimmage. What you believe happened and didn't happen is irrelevant unless you know of a game in that case I will hear any theories you have.
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    Richland Springs Scrimmage and Week 2 Game.

    We are still trying to recover games cancelled by our last coach. We are looking for a week 2 with a possible $1000 for the visiting team and trying to get into a second scrimmage. If you are interested contact Wesley Rigdon @850-291-7174
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    Richland Springs Open Dates

    Last Time I am going to bump this. We are still Looking for a 2nd scrimmage to join up with and a Varsity game for weeks 2 and possibly 8,9. Contact Info is on the post above.
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    Richland Springs Open Dates

    Richland Springs is still looking for a week 2 game for Varsity. JV and Jr High week 7. Call Wesley Rigdon at 850-291-7174
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    Richland Springs Coaching Position

    We had a recent back-out of the previously posted coaching position for a coach/paraprofessional/bus driver. Richland Springs ISD is currently looking for an assistant football coach that can fill a paraprofessional spot and drive a bus or willing to obtain a CDL. Any inquiries please call or...
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    Looking for a 2nd scrimmage

    Richland Springs is still looking for a second scrimmage
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    Need Week 9 Game

    Richland Springs JV needs a week 7 and 8
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    Coaching Carousel

    Well since this current staff here didn't take over until the end of May we wouldn't know too much about who needed games in February. I have not been in Richland Springs for a calendar year yet but as so many great coaches on this thread have already commented prior, it is sometimes a daunting...
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    Coaching Carousel

    Well Longhorn75, Richland Springs needs to fill 2 games in every level of football this season. If you know of anyone who wants to play us please give me a call or give them my phone number. You may just make my job a ton easier. Thanks again- Coach Wesley Rigdon 850-291-7174