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    Team for Fruitvale Tournament

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    Team for Fruitvale Tournament

    We are looking to add a girl's team to our Fruitvale basketball tournament after a late drop this morning. December 2-4. If you are interested or know someone looking please let me know. Thanks!
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    Filming with iPad

    This is pretty much what I figured. I appreciate the input!
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    Filming with iPad

    Are there any coaches on here that have experience in using an iPad for their game film? I'm just looking for some pros & cons of using an iPad vs a regular camcorder. Thanks!
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    Fruitvale JH Games

    Fruitvale ISD is looking for some JH games. We have almost every date open. Contact Trent Taylor at 903-275-8535 or Thanks!
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    Wet Weather

    Who has a bigger advantage in wet weather games? Spread teams or tight teams? Would you rather play defense against a spread team or tight team in wet weather? Just getting some conversation going!
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    Bluff Dale Needs Week 3

    Coach would you be willing to drive to Fruitvale
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    Fruitvale Needs Game and Second Scrimmage

    Scrimmage filled. Still need September 4th game. Home or away.
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    Fruitvale Needs Game and Second Scrimmage

    Due to the TAPPS delay, Fruitvale is looking for: a second scrimmage & also a game on 9/4 that can be home or away within reasonable distance Contact Trent Taylor at 903-275-8535 or
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    Boys and Girls Team for Fruitvale Tournament 11/21-11/23

    Fruitvale is looking for 1 girls team and 1 boys team to join their basketball tournament on 11/21-11/23. It is a 4 game guarantee. Any questions contact Drew Flowers at Thanks!
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    Requirements to play sixman and DI, DII requirements.

    Division I is 55.5-104.9. Division II is 55 and below.
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    Fruitvale Boys Needs 1 for Tournament

    Fruitvale ISD needs 1 Boys team for our basketball tournament due to a late drop. 11/29-12/1 Guaranteed 5 games. Contact Drew Flowers at Thanks, Coach Taylor
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    Six Man Uniforms

    White Deer.