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  1. coachjdjones

    Marfa JV, Oct. 15

    Marfa JV is looking for a game on Oct. 15. Can meet at a neutral site.
  2. coachjdjones

    Marfa coaching jobs open

    We are needing the following two positions: Head Boys Basketball Assistant Girls Head Basketball coach will also coach golf, assist with football, and possibly cross country Girls coach will assist with volleyball (JH), basketball (JV), and either softball or track. Possibly cross country...
  3. coachjdjones

    Marfa JV Looking for two games

    Neutral site would be ok. Need two of these three dates: Week 4: Sept. 17 Week 6: Oct. 1 Week 11: Nov. 5
  4. coachjdjones

    Marfa JH needs a game, Oct. 2

    Marfa JH needs a game on Oct. 2 Willing to travel within reason. Contact:
  5. coachjdjones

    Marfa JV needs games

    We need games on Sept. 11, Sept. 18, and Nov. 6 email: celll: 432-693-7252
  6. coachjdjones

    Assistant Coach/Marfa HS

    Marfa HS needs an assistant coach. We need a math or science teacher. We pay 3000 above for teaching, 5000 math/science stipend, 10,000 coaching stipend. Email me if interested:
  7. coachjdjones

    Marfa JV Looking for two games

    Marfa JV is looking for games on Week 6 (Oct. 2) and Week 11 (Nov. 6). cell: 432-693-7252 email:
  8. coachjdjones

    Marfa Head Basketball/Head Golf/Asst. Football

    3000 teaching 5000 Math/Science stipend 10,000 coaching stipend Need Science and/or Math
  9. coachjdjones

    Marfa Head Basketball/Head Baseball or Head Golf

    Marfa ISD is looking for a Head Basketball coach to take over a team only losing two seniors to graduation. Will also be starting up the Shorthorn baseball program after a two year absence or Head Golf depending on applicant. Right now, Math is the teaching certification, but could possibly be...
  10. coachjdjones

    Region 2, 2014....IMPORTANT!

    Coaches and admin in Region 2, we need to contact the UIL with concerns about the meet being in Arlington. It makes no sense. Abilene, San Angelo, and even Big Spring are more centrally located for our schools than Arlington. Rising Star is the closest school to Arlington, some of us are 10...
  11. coachjdjones

    Looking for a team for Week 1 Shootout.

    We are needing one team to play in the Davis Mountain/Marfa Lights Shootout on Saturday. Game will be on Saturday, August 30, and we can house a team in our gym in Marfa if need be. We are also willing to help out with a meal. Please contact me if interested and more details...
  12. coachjdjones

    Marfa JV Games Needed (new dates)

    Week 1: Aug. 28 Week 6: Oct. 2 Week 7: Oct. 9 Week 8: Oct. 16 (possible) Week 11: Nov. 6 432-693-7252
  13. coachjdjones

    Marfa JV Needing Games

    Marfa JV needs games on the following dates: Week 2: Thursday, Sept. 4 Week 3: Thursday, Sept. 11 Week 7: Thursday, Oct. 9 Flexible on travel (as of right now) 432-693-7252
  14. coachjdjones

    Marfa needs JV games, 2014

    Marfa HS needs JV games for the following dates: Week 1, Aug. 28 Week 2, Sept. 4 Week 3: Sept. 11 Week 7: Oct. 9 Flexible on travel as of right now.
  15. coachjdjones

    Just for fun, Projections-realignment

    Class A, Div. I: Dist. 1: Happy, Hart, White Deer, Miami, Nazareth Dist. 2: Lorenzo, Petersburg, Spur, Valley, Anton Dist. 3: New Home, Meadow, Ropes, Whiteface Dist. 4: BC, Klondike, Grady, O'Donnell Dist. 5: FD, GC, Marfa, Rankin Dist. 6: SC, WV, Robert Lee, Westbrook Dist. 7: Hermleigh, Ira...
  16. coachjdjones

    Marfa JV needs game for Oct. 31

    We need a JV game on Thursday, Oct. 31. Our JH is playing in Rankin, so a double-header there could be arranged.
  17. coachjdjones

    Marfa needs JH games

    We need JH games on Oct. 3 and 10. Really need home games since the two games dropped were both at home.
  18. coachjdjones

    Marfa needs a bunch of JV games....

    Marfa HS needs games for weeks 1 thru 7. Will be willing to meet at a neutral site for a couple, but really would like some home games this season.
  19. coachjdjones

    New man at Ft. Davis.... ... l?mode=jqm
  20. coachjdjones

    2013 McCamey Shoot-out

    Buena Vista v. Lubbock Kingdom Prep, 8/30 (Friday) 7:30 p.m. Sanderson v. Garden City, 8/31 (Saturday) 10:00 a.m. Sierra Blanca v. Ft. Davis, 8/31 (Saturday) 12:30 p.m. Balmorhea v. Rankin, 8/31 (Saturday) 3:00 p.m. Marfa v. Klondike, 8/31 (Saturday) 5:30 p.m. Water Valley v. Grandfalls, 8/31...