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  1. phimutau

    Round 2 Broadcasts??

    Will there be any video broadcasts from the second round that we can watch? I would figure that May vs Jonesboro would have to be broadcast right?
  2. phimutau

    Saint Jo vs Groom

    As always I’m looking to get some prognostications on this game. It’s a Saturday afternoon game that will be broadcasted at, so there should be plenty of viewers. How do y’all think this one will go? We put them on the schedule because we knew they would be a good test...
  3. phimutau

    Saint Jo vs Jonesboro

    Saint Jo will now host Jonesboro Friday night at 6. What are everyone's thoughts on this game?
  4. phimutau

    Saint Jo @ Union Hill

    I see this game has made it as one of Dave Campbell's Sixman Games of the Week. What are others feelings on this game? I know we are getting better each week, but we have not faced an opponent like Union Hill. I think this one will be a lot closer than people expect. Go Panthers!!! Dave...
  5. phimutau

    Saint Jo vs Newcastle

    Another very important game for D1-District 9 is upon us. I wanted to start this thread to get some back and forth on this game. I am drinking the Panther Kool-Aid, but what are other's thoughts? Newcastle leads the series 5-0 2014 - Newcastle W 54-6 2015 - Newcastle W 51-6 2016 - Newcaslte...
  6. phimutau

    Div 1 Region 3 District 9

    Any thoughts on this district race? It came down to the last week of games last year to determine who moved on to post season play.