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  1. CoachMiller

    1st vs 4th

    I took a little time to look at the 1st place versus 4th place in 2A Divisions 1 & 2. Average score 1st 50.47 4th 10.69 1st place won 29 games 4th place won 3 games Again, this is an issue for me. 4th place teams do not deserve to be in the playoffs.
  2. CoachMiller

    Veteran's Day

    I just want to say thank you for all of your sacrifices so that we can live in this great country. I know many of you out there on this site are veterans. You guys have blessed all of us in some way. Again, Thank you for all of the sacrifices and time serving this great nation.
  3. CoachMiller

    Interesting thoughts

    As I look over all of the playoff brackets from each division, it gets really frustrating. There is Div 1 and Div 2 in all levels of football. 6-man through 6A. In the 11 man brackets, the top 4 go to the playoffs. (I think this is too much) However, in the 6-man, we get 2 from each district. I...
  4. CoachMiller

    Basketball Scrimmage Needed (Hedley)

    Basketball Scrimmage on Nov 2nd, 2021. We have 7 girls and just need to get on the court. We are very young. Please contact me and let me know if you have an opening. Thank You, Clint Miller
  5. CoachMiller

    Looking for Tennis Tournament

    We have had several tournaments cancel and my kids need to play, is anyone having a tournament we can still get into? PLEASE EMAIL ME!
  6. CoachMiller

    Rising Star Track Meet

    We are looking for a few more HS teams to join us on Thursday, March 18th, 2021 here in Rising Star. Entry fee is $75 per school. We need a few more teams.
  7. CoachMiller

    Basketball Tournament

    Looking for a tournament on Dec 2, 3, & 4.
  8. CoachMiller

    Rising Star Tennis Meet

    March 30th Coggin Park, Brownwood, TX High School JV an Varsity Tennis Tournament Singles Doubles Mixed Doubles Individual awards only, $15 a player, Pro Sets, 1st round consolation bracket too. Contact Shaina Seabourn 254-485-1806 or Clint Miller 806-228-9525 to enter.
  9. CoachMiller

    Rising Star

    Rising Star is looking to fill the following dates for volleyball. 8-17 8-21
  10. CoachMiller

    March 18th Track

    Looking to fill 3 spots for a small track meet in Rising Star on March 18th. $75 entry fee for the whole school.
  11. CoachMiller

    2021-2022 Basketball

    Rising Star needs to following dates for Basketball next year. Nov 9th: Girls Only Dec 28 and/or Dec 31: Boys/Girls Jan 4th: Boys Only Jan 7th: Boys Only We also have 2 spots available for a tournament on Dec 9, 10, 11. If interested in any of these dates let me know. Clint Miller...
  12. CoachMiller

    Need Tennis Tournaments

    Rising Star is looking for JH and HS tennis tournaments. If you are hosting, or know of someone who is, please email me Clint Miller
  13. CoachMiller

    Track Meets needed

    Rising Star needs track meets for High School on Feb 25th, 2021 and March 25th, 2021. Please contact Clint Miller Thank you
  14. CoachMiller

    8 Lane Timer

    Looking for a 8 lane timing system. Let me know if you have one you are willing to get rid of. Thank You C Miller
  15. CoachMiller


    Rising Star is looking for a game on Dec18th, 2020. Need both boys and girls games. Home preferred as we have officials, but would be willing to travel. Both teams are young and rebuilding. Clint Miller cmiller@risingstar.esc4. net
  16. CoachMiller

    Rising Star Girls (Urgent)

    Rising Star girls had a cancellation this morning and are in need of a game tonight. Please contact or 806-228-9425
  17. CoachMiller

    Rising Star Game needed

    Rising Star needs boys and girls games on Dec 15th, 2020. Both teams are fairly young and rebuilding. Contact
  18. CoachMiller

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  19. CoachMiller

    Rising Star Boys Basketball

    Rising Star Boys need basketball games on the following dates: Friday, Nov 20th Tuesday Dec 8th Tuesday Jan 5th Friday Jan 8th Contact Clint Miller Cell: 806-228-9425
  20. CoachMiller

    Weight Equipment

    Rising Star has some weight equipment for sale. 2 Bench Press 2 Incline 2 Military Press $100 for each piece of equipment. Call/Text Clint Miller 806-228-9425