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    Snapshot #

    Anyone interesting thinking they will have to go up to D1 or drop down to D2? Rumors of Newcastle going down and Gordon going up.
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    CanAm Bowl 2020

    Looking for a few more seniors to play in this bowl game. The game is being played in Lambert, Montana on July 4. Please send them my way.
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    2020 Track Meets

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    Cross Country Meets

    What schools are hosting cross country meets this fall? If you are hosting one please email me details, I'd greatly appreciate it!
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    WF Coaching Clinic

    Trying to see what all is going on this upcoming week at the clinic. Saw the schedule online, but didn’t think I was getting all the info. When’s everyone showing up/check in? When are the chalk talks? Poker tourney? Golf Scrambe? Still new to this.
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    Weight room equipment

    Also, If anyone has any weight plates for sale please contact me. Rubber ones work as well.
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    Weight room equipment

    We are selling a Body Solid Freeweight Leverage Commercial Gym Package. It was bought in the 15-16 school year, for roughly $1,560. In great shape, just in the way here. Just make an decent offer.
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    Looking for HS Track Meet

    Bryson is hosting on 2/25, and Knox City on 3/1
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    Powerlifting Meets

    I know Strawn is hosting a meet on 3/1, but are there any other meets?
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    Week 3 Game

    Woodson is looking for a Week 3 game, preferably home. This would be High school and jr. high. We could do both on the same night.
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    Athletic Mat

    Our school has a black athletic mat that we are trying to get rid of. We are looking to trade for some track equipment, like a high jump mat. Not sure on the actual measurements, but it takes up most of half court on a gym floor. This mat is similar to those that gymnast use. If you are...
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    Track Meets!!

    Who is hosting track meets this 2019 season? Let us know, because it is hard to find all the dates for them.
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    Woodson Openings

    Looking for a second scrimmage
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    Week 8 Game

    Woodson is looking for a week 8 game.
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    9/14 Game

    Trent had to cancel the game tonight, due to lack of players. It is a long shot, but woodson is looking for a home game tonight.
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    6 on 6 passing tournament

    If you have any information you'd like to send me, please do!
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    6 on 6 passing tournament

    How do these tournaments work? Interested in having one at our school, but I need to know how to do it. Looking for experts in this area.
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    Woodson Week 6

    Woodson is looking for a week 6 game away, on October 5.
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    Milford JH

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    Week 7 game