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    Division 1 vs Division 2

    Why don't we create a new class in Texas High School Football? How about Division 1 schools being the 8 man folks why the smaller Division 2 guys sticking with 6 man like days of old? No need for Division 1 schools of 6 man to move to 11 man and get embarrassed as some teams we know have. I'll...
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    Games on DVD?

    I'm sitting here in Northern Afghanistan and would love to see some sixman football. Does anybody have some games on DVD? Is there a way to upload games? I'm sure there are rules on film exchanging. I was just having some wishful thinking. Anybody else over here in Afghanistan from Sixman country?
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    Week 2

    I hated to see the results from this week. Must have been a heck of a game. Coach Reed I hope all your players are healthy and wish Throck the best this year. Chin up fellas. I know you hate to have a loss but use it to your benefit and learn from it. Good luck on the rest of the season and I'll...
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    Covington WINS!!!

    Congrats to Covington for the win! Glad to see offense has returned. 80 points!