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    Gold-Burg looking for JH and HS game for 10/9

    Gold-Burg is looking for a JH and HS game on October 8, 9, or 10. We can host, but are willing to travel. We would prefer both games on the same day/location. Contact: Joe Helms cell: 806-781-0773 email:
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    Grandfalls-Royalty FB 2020 Week 5

    Grandfalls-Royalty is in need of a week 5 (Sept. 24,25,26)Varsity Football game for the 2020 season. Contact: Joe Helms - or (806) 781-0773
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    Grandfalls-Royalty Head Coaching Position

    Grandfalls-Royalty has an opening for a Head Basketball Coach Teaching Field : Open, possible administration Position for spouse District pays: $6700 above state base $5000 coaching stipend $325 towards insurance 3% matching annuity Housing available Contact: Joe Helms Office: 432-547-2266...
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    Grandfalls-Royalty looking for JH Game 11/8/18

    Grandfalls-Royalty is looking for a JH game for Thursday 11/8/18 or Friday 11/9/18. We can travel or host for a Thursday game. Friday is possible if played before the varsity game in Grandfalls. Contact: Joe Helms, , 806-781-0773
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    Grandfalls-Royalty 1st Scrimmage

    Looking for another team or two to add to the first scrimmage date here in Grandfalls. Contact: Joe Helms - , 432-547-2266
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    Grandfalls-Royalty JH needs game - week 8 or week 9

    Grandfalls-Royalty JH needs a game either this week 10/19 or next week 10/26. We are flexible as far as travel or can host. Contact: Joe Helms (806) 781-0773
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    Basketball Games Needed - Bryson

    Bryson is looking to fill a number of dates for next year's basketball schedule. Needed: Dec. 14th, Dec. 18th, and Dec. 21st We are willing to travel and are open to a home/away arrangement if possible. Contact: Coach Kirby - cell - 940-282-9475 school -940-392-3281
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    JV Game for 11/3/11

    Bryson is looking for a JV game for this Thursday, 11/3/11. I would prefer to play at home after the JH game, but would be willing to travel within reason. Contact: Joe Helms email: cell # 806-781-0773
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    Bryson JV needs a game for this week - 9/8/11

    We need a JV game for this week. Willing to travel. Contact: Joe Helms cell # 806-781-0773 email -
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    Bryson - Varsity, JV, JH game openings

    Varsity - need a week 4 (9/23/11) - prefer a home game, but will consider travel within reasonable distance JV- need a week 1 (9/1/11) this game must be away and week 4 (9/22/11) willing to travel - possibly other openings JH - need one game either (9/22/11) or (10/27/11) willing to travel...
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    Bryson JV needs games - wks. 1, 2, 4, 8, 9, 10

    Bryson needs JV games for the following dates: 9/1, 9/8, 9/22, 10/20, 10/27, and 11/3. Willing to travel within reason. Willing to play twice - home/away if possible. Contact: Joe Helms - (806) 781-0773 or email -
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    Bryson JH game needed 9/23/10

    Bryson JH needs a game for Thursday, 9/23/10. We are willing to host or travel within reason. Contact: Joe Helms cell# 806-781-0773 email:
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    Bryson JV Game needed for 9/16/10

    Bryson needs a JV game for Thursday, September the 16th (Week 3). Prefer a home game, but will consider any within a reasonable distance. Call or email Joe Helms cell # 806-781-0773 email:
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    Bryson JV games needed

    Bryson JV has weeks 0, 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, and 10 open. I would like to fill six of these dates. I am open to a home/away arrangement and am willing to travel. Contact: Joe Helms - 806-781-0773 or
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    Bryson Girls Basketball

    Bryson ISD is looking for a Head Girls BB coach. Duties will include assisting with volleyball, and assisting with a spring sport. Competitive salary and coaching stipend, possible school housing. Teaching field: English, Technology Applications, Business, or Fine Arts. Contact: Joe Helms...
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    Grady looking for 2nd scrimmage 8/20/10

    Grady is looking to host a scrimmage on the second scrimmge date 8/20/10. We have had as many as four other teams in the past. I am open to joining someone else's scrimmage if there is no interest in coming to Grady. Contact me at the school, email, or by cell phone. Thanks school #...
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    Grady needs JV Games

    10/8 - anyone willing to meet in Aspermont to play after JH game 10/15 - willing to travel within reason 10/22 - prefer a home game, but could travel within reason Contact: Joe Helms school phone: 432-459-2445 cell phone: 806-781-0773
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    Grady needs JV game for 9/17 and 10/30

    We are located about 30 miles northeast of Midland and are willing to travel within reason for both dates. Contact: Joe Helms school - 432-459-2445 cell - 806-781-0773
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    JV Game Needed

    Grady is looking for a JV game for Thursday 9/18/08. Contact: Joe Helms school: 432-459-2445 cell: 806-781-0773
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    JV Game Needed

    Grady is looking for a JV game on 9/12/08. We would prefer a home game but are willing to consider any offers. Contact: Joe Helms Grady ISD- 432-459-2445 cell - 806-781-0773