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    Okay. FCSA football, thank you for proving my point. I rest my case, I'm done. Can't argue with stupid.
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    Okay. I agree with 51eleven. But for a couple of you that are not responding, because I guess it's below you. Y'all are the first ones to respond on other very controversial threads all over this message board. So before you try to sound holier than thou about a question on this thread, just...
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    2-A-Day Numbers?

    I've read and understand everyone's valid points made about numbers? But, when a school whether private or public can turn out numbers in the high teens to low 20's year after year, shouldn't they be approached about moving up to 11 man? I don't think the choice should be left up to a school...
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    Why/when did 45'ing teams become so popular

    Okay. Congratulations on back to back state titles. But obviously that wasn't why you were playing. Again, leading by 40 and losing by 4, bad coaching or bad playing, but not the sounds of back to back champions. You and pistol can disagree and say dumb post but the facts are the facts, that...
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    Why/when did 45'ing teams become so popular

    Masked Vigilante, did you play in that game you were referring to in your previous post, or were you a coach? How are you up by 40 at the half to a team and they come back to beat you by 4? That sounds like some really bad coaching on your teams part, how do you allow that to happen? Surely...
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    Drink a gallon of shut the heck up.

    I don't have a dog in the fight, but after reading all the posts over the past couple of weeks, all I can say is that I hope Valley and Milford both lose this weekend. Sorry to the players and coaches at these schools because i'm sure you're all very good players and coaches as well as people...
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    Waco's private six-man football teams racking up wins

    Congratulations to Waco MCH. Also, congrats to Parkview Christian as they captured the TCAL Division 2 State championship, as well as Waco Live Oak who has a very good chance at winning a state championship as well. This speaks pretty well of the 6 man football talent in the city of Waco. You...
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    Blum vs. Aquilla

    Okay, Aquilla fans please quit complaining we've all had to deal with injuries and problems. Now go ahead and take your ball and go home and get ready for basketball, and maybe you can have another chance next year to get revenge on Blum since their not as good as you think. Oh yeah, but at...
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    Blum vs. Aquilla

    If this is true, that is very sad. And if responsible adults from coaches and administration knows about this, and is knowingly ignoring those things happening, we indeed are at a sad point in our country when athletics and winning are more important than doing what is right.
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    TCAF/TCAL State Champion predictions

    Any predictions on the state champions in both division 1 and 2 of TCAF annd TCAL? Here are my picks. TCAF Division 1 - Methodist Home Division 2 - St. Paul Prep TCAL Division 1 - Marshall Christian Division 2 - Parkview or Annapolis (don't know to much about these teams, but...
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    Better 6 man football?

    Okay. So according to the scores of these and probably other games this year, is it safe to say that public schools versus private schools wouldn't even be a contest?
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    Better 6 man football?

    I love 6 man football, so with that said I have a question for all the wise 6 man fans. Going off of this year and not the past, how would the best public school teams fair against the best private school teams? Take the top 3 teams from UIL, TAPPS, TCAL, TCAF, and TAIAO put them in a playoff...
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    What Happened?

    Okay. Enough about Blum. Who cares. Back to the topic at hand. Could Mt. Calms problem be with the coaching, since they lost a very good coach to Trinidad? I know that schools deal with players that graduate, leave, or are injured, but sometimes good coaching can get make up for lack of talent.
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    What Happened?

    What happened to Mt. Calm? From a team just a couple of years ago making some deep runs in the playoffs to a team who can't even score? Is this a possibility of them losing their coach to Trinidad?
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    Come on Bill O'Rielly! I thought you were supposed to be educated. The word your looking for is "fault" not "fought". Come on man, your better than that, use that spell check before posting.
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    Why so many?

    Thanks Granger. That explanation helps a little. To me it's just sad when it has to do more with winning, the parents, coaches, and pride of these, than teaching the students how to compete and win correctly on and off the field.
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    Why so many?

    I'm confused. Why in the private sector of high school football do we have so many different leagues? I mean TAPPS, TCAL, TCAF, TAIAO, and Independent leagues. I know that some leagues will let you play homeschoolers and some will not. Which brings me to my next question, why do they not...
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    He got hired and then released. Faster than the offense he ran at Baylor!
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    Best Week 1 Games

    Just curious about some of the best week 1 games in the private school sector. What games do you feel like might be worth travelling to? I know sometimes the week 1 games may lack some interest, but surely there has to be some private school games that peak the interest of 6 man football fans.
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    Anyone have intel on these schools

    I heard Joshua Christian was not fielding a team this year.