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    Tapps playoffs! Who ya got??

    Division 1 Dallas lakehill ranked #1 Looks like they will meet Giddings in the semis. The bottom part of that division 1 bracket is tough. Veritas will meet Gainesville in the quarter finals. That should be a very good game. Hatfield will have his boys ready to play however I’m going to take...
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    TAPPS Realignment

    Looking ahead to next year. Does anyone have and idea what tapps will do with the 3 divisions? Will they keep it at 3 or combine them to make 2 large divisions?
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    Weatherford 30 Faustina 8 ?????? This game was extremely competitive. Jackson was held accountable for most of the game. Faustina I think was underestimated and it could be a rematch of last year if they run it back in the 2nd round
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    Half way mark

    Now that the season is at the half way mark, what’s everyone’s thoughts on who we will see in Waco in December? Division 1 I had giddings and emery.. emery seems to have some injuries and just took a loss to Baytown who also was said to have injuries. Veritas is just a little too young this...
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    Longview vs Irving Faustina

    This should be a great game and one that’s not getting much hype. Faustina is young but scrappy and have depth. Longview probably the favorite with a bruiser fb and more senior junior leadership. That being said I think Faustina may be a little quicker and should be able to make this a close...
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    Whats going on!!!??? Ta’Ron ejected?????? Something crazy must have happened for the officials to have thrown that boy out? unfortunate as it was a matchup we were all looking forward to
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    I had made a post a while back on D2 and D3 favorites and touched on Fredy as one of the teams I see coming out of D3. I happened to get my hands on the Dave Campbell magazine and reading over it and read in the notes and keys for Fredy that the older Hoerman boy was not mentioned. I know he was...
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    2018 D2 and D3 favorites

    Just curious as to early favorites for D2 and D3 with what they have returning and with the new district set up. Who has a tough division etc.. D2 District 1 Watauga does not lose too many kids this year and NCTA has their spread back (Lawrence) returning. These 2 teams played last year right...
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    TAPPS D2 and D3 Semis

    In D2 Waco should easily take care of plainview and walk to state. They played a tough non district schedule and were banged up early on. They have their feet back under them And should make For a solid opponent for whoever comes out of the south. Now a serious matchup is Bulverde vs...
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    playoff brackets

    Divison 2 bracket on the South side is crazy. Bulverde San Marcos Fredericksburg Huntsville Conroe Lake Jackson New Braunfels Man many of these first round match ups will probably be better than the state game! Divison 3 Kind of soft compared to D2 Granbury Seguin and maybe Baytown This...
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    Nobody talking about this game?

    New Braunfels vs San Marcos. This is big matchup in D2. I see this being a very good game. We will see if San Marcos can match up with NB stud receiver. If so do they have enough to cover the rest of the field? Big test for both teams. Anyone have any thoughts on this one?
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    Seguin vs Fredericksburg

    Don't think these 2 teams have played the last few years but from what I have heard this has been a good rivalry game for years. Can Fredericksburg stop a solid spread back and is Fredericksburg healthy? Seguin has looked good so far but only 2 good opponents thus far. A loss to a much...
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    Tapps D2 Games

    Several good games this week. Both district and non-district Katy vs San Marcos/ Both teams will play the same hard nose offense and defense that they have played all year. Both teams have pretty good size RB's/LB's. I think this will come down to which team gets more physical out of the...
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    San Marcos vs baytown

    This rankings wise looks like it should be a good game this week. Was not able to make any of these 2 teams games this year so have no idea what to expect. Does anyone have any info on this game?