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    Congrats to Strawn and McLean!

    Congrats to the Greyhounds and Tigers! These two teams were definitely the best teams today and played great games! To Milford and Follett congratulations on great seasons and good luck to all teams next season!
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    Good Morning! Thought I would share a video from the TAPPS Div 1 Title Game from yesterday that was shared with me this morning.
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    Barring any unforseen happenings next week, this is for all the marbles (bad impression) in District 1. Granger's toy has Groom as a 6 point dog at home and I think that's pretty accurate. A one possession game is probably what this will come down to or to whomever has the ball last. Two evenly...
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    Follett Week 0

    I saw in a local paper today that Follett's opening game is against Moscow, KS. Last I knew Moscow plays 8-man ball so I'm wondering if they're going to play half 8-man and half 6-man? 8-man the whole game or 6-man? Interesting concept but didn't know how that would be played.
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    Tioga-Saint Jo Game Location

    Can anyone tell me if Tioga plays at home tomorrow? I've seen it's at Saint Jo on the school website but says at home on here. Just wanting to clarify.
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    The Road to JerryWorld

    I know there is still a week left in the season but I wanted to throw my opinion out there about the four teams that make it to JerryWorld in Arlington. Div 1-This was really really tough in my opinion as the west is just gonna be a knockdown drag out but I think that Ira will survive in the end...
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    District Title

    I really don't see this game Friday night getting very far past half time. Follett 70 Lefors 20
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    Realignment 2014-2016

    Since the UIL is broadening the classes by adding 6A (as far as I know that's still the plan) does anybody have any idea what the cutoff might be? I've heard anywhere from 105-114.5 and that's a huge gap for small schools.
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    So Long Shotwell

    Just saw the UIL tweeted that ALL State Championship Games will be played at AT&T Stadium in Arlington. So no more Abilene...for at least this year anyway. ... ship-games
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    I heard a rumor yesterday that the school in Darrouzett is telling its citizens there in town that they will not have the money to operate next year. Does anyone know if there is any truth to this?
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    Follett over Hart McLean over Darrouzett Valley over Kress Last I heard the McLean-Darrouzett game was still on
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    HERE WE GO! Follett over Paducah by 46 Valley over Happy by 47 Amherst over Hart by 52 Kress over Silverton by 50 Miami over McLean by 55
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    Lefors over McLean by 33 Valley over Paducah by 46 Kress over Happy by 6 Motley County over Follett by 22 Hart over Lubbock Harmony by 10
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    Week 3 Picks

    I guess I'll put these up for the week. Follett and McLean are open Hart over Happy by 4 Valley over Crowell by 47 Amherst over Kress by 20 This might be the week when my streak ends. Just not very sure about the Happy vs Hart game.
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    Hedley over McLean by 10 Valley over Spur by 31 Kress over New Home by 19 Follett over Miami by 6