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    Split vs No Split playoffs (32 years later)

    With everything else being discussed from boredom, I would like to see the total scores of the playoffs (East/West) since the split happened in '06. How many mercy rules games happened in the playoffs compared to the present in all Divisions. So, 1989-2005 playoff scores to the 2006-present.
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    "Tight" Offenses

    Is "T", "J", "I", "UB-I", W the best tight formations to run out of? Seems like "T" May, MC, and Strawn is their bread and butter I know they run different from actions but... "T" is dominant. *Idk what Westbrook runs.
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    If there was no division split...

    Just for fun but, how many teams in D2 outrank the teams in D1? Looking at the "rankings" but it seems very similar regardless of enrollment or divisions. Wonder what it would look like since MC is ranked #1 overall (D2) and seems like there is a lot of D2 teams ranked higher than some D1 teams...
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    Hey Mike!

    Love what you've done this year with the website but I do think it would be cool to have the homepage set up with players from now or the past, to better the homepage. Granger had 4-5 players if I remember correctly. Would be cool if you could do the same. I think he had Ethridge, Hoskins...