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    The Round of Upsets???

    Zephyr by 20! Zephyr has a stout defense now that they are healthy!
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    Gordon vs. Zephyr

    This should be a great game! Since Zephyr has gotten healthy they are 6-0! Gordon is a good team also! I'm picking Zephyr by 18! Any other thoughts?
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    district 10 2014

    Lingleville at Zephyr
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    From what I've seen is that they have good size, decent speed, hard hitting and good blocking. They have weaknesses in their passing game and defending the pass. The potential is there especially when they get healthy, however potential means nothing if they don't fulfill their potential! Good...
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    What on earth is going on with Zephyr? They are a traditionally a winning program! From what I heard they were a competitor in the east at the beginning of the year but they are 0-5!! I don't remember the last time they had this bad of a start! Something has to change quick or they may not even...