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    May vs Abbott

    May is going to walk all over Abbott. No way they can match the physicality of May. Abbott has rolled through their schedule and playoffs because they haven’t played anyone
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    WEEK 13 SCORES - VARSITY FINALS ONLY (Playoffs Round 2)

    Covenant Classical 52 Christian Heritage 38
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    Freshman Rigdon at Strawn

    You must know something about throckmorton the rest of us don’t
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    WEEK 12 SCORES - VARSITY FINALS ONLY (Playoffs Round 1)

    Christian Heritage 79 Lubbock Christ 36
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    I believe that TAPPS has no cutoff for that now. Even if you have more than 150 you can still play six man. Prince of peace plays six man and I believe they are either 5a or 6a in the private ranks
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    Strawn - Fort Worth Covenant Live Stream

    Looks like little rigdon was not playing in this one
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    Union hill 22 St jo 60
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    Well if Lucas stays on track there’s no doubt they are in the conversation for one of the best teams In TAPPS. Should be in the running for a deep playoff push, especially with the speed at LB and RB they have. Lucas and Covenant should be a good game in the playoffs
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    I would have to agree. Look like Lucas might be on the prowl this season. Have heard they have some stout players this year with a solid running back and a hard-nosed middle linebacker. Would like to see them line up against Live Oak or Coram Ceo this season in the playoffs.