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    All star game

    Does anyone know if the all star games in Wichita Falls are going to happen or be canceled?
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    Top 10 basketball

    With basketball season around the corner I would like to know who y'all think they top 10 boys and girls teams are in 1a.
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    Enrollment numbers

    I'm curious with the count less than 2 weeks away who will be moving up to 2a. What are the estimated numbers of studenst the schools will turn in?
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    6 man to 11 man

    Are there any schools going from 6 man to 11 man? I've heard from some friends that Ropes will probably go to 11 man cause the school keep taking transfers. It looks like they will have 105-107 students. I've heard that most everyone is against going to 11 man and most parents are very upset...
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    What schools are expected to go 2a

    I'm curious to know what schools will go to 2a. I hear Ropes will have 105-107 cause of transfers and parents aren't happy.
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    Prayers for Luke Siegal

    Please pray for 9 yr old Luke Siegal. He was critically injured in a golf cart accident in Lubbock earlier this week. His surgery to repair his fractured skull last night went well. His family can use your prayers. The Siegal family are great people and the world needs more like them.
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    I'm curious how many 6 man schools have volleyball? Do they have trouble finding teams to play that are small schools? Does it hurt the basketball program?
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    I'm curious about how many 6 man schools have volleyball. My daughter would love to play but unfortunately our school doesn't offer it.
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    State basketball rankings

    Does anyone know where to find the state rankings other than tabc? I've looked on the uil website and can't find them.
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    I think Tcu made a statement today. Alabama has to be happy that they don't have to play Tcu. I'm not a huge Tcu fan but they are the best team in college. I hope Baylor makes the same statement.
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    Teams that will struggle next year

    Who do y'all think will struggle next year due to losing majority of their talent? Who will be the surprise team next year?
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    Veterans Day

    Thank you to all of the veterans. Y'all are the true heroes. Thank you!!!!
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    Who is the biggest surprise this year?

    I would like to know who everyone thinks is the biggest surprise this year in D1 and D2.