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    realignment 2020

    Does this mean that a school like Blum, who is often over 105 kids in grades 9-12 but able to get under 105 using the other calculation methods, will have to compete against 2A school for basketball and track? If I'm reading this correctly then the alternative methods will only be allowed for...
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    Player of the Week / Stat Leaders

    Are there going to be players of the week or statistical leaders posted on here?
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    Coaching Carousel

    Did Aquilla's Basketball team make the playoffs? I know Iredell won the district but looking at the teams it seemed wide open for the 2 and 3 spot
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    Coaching Carousel

    Santa Anna is looking for an AD/Head FB Coach. Here's the link: ... ?id=105147
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    Coaching Carousel

    If anybody is interested in becoming Coach Rigdon's assistant here's the link: ... ?id=105132
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    Coaching Carousel

    It seems to me that this situation shows that the superintendent isn't superior to the school board. The sup wanted to renew some great coaches and the school board said no. They have the final say
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    Coaching Carousel

    If it was the coach's first year with the school district then they were likely issued a "probationary" contract which can be non-renewed without cause.
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    McLean V Garden City, Milford V Leakey

    McLean 48 Garden City 16 Milford 66 Leakey 0
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    Milford/union hill

    Redraider092 the year that Crowell played Abbott for the state title, and lost, the game was played at Shotwell in Abilene due to an NFL game being played at Jerry World. So I think MilfordIdiot is correct about no team playing there more than twice.
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    Motley County's Kyler Degan Ties Rushing TD Record

    Does anybody know where to find the 2018 regular season statistics leader board?
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    Be a Part of Texas Football History

    Schools like Huckabay just don't have the money to start a football program. They have a renowned history in basketball, but still have one of the most outdated gyms in the area. I suspect if they had any additional funds, they would be used on a new gym. -Proverbs 27:2
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    Burkhart out at Stanton??

    “My investments also include real estate holdings in the Texas Hill Country, Waterfront property on the Highland Lakes and the Texas Gulf Coast. I have been able to donate, contribute and give more money in in the last 10 years than you will probably ever earn in your lifetime.” -FCSA Proverbs...
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    District 10 Champs?

    Abbott gets 1st place, Gholson gets last place.