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    Split vs No Split playoffs (32 years later)

    With everything else being discussed from boredom, I would like to see the total scores of the playoffs (East/West) since the split happened in '06. How many mercy rules games happened in the playoffs compared to the present in all Divisions. So, 1989-2005 playoff scores to the 2006-present.
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    Who are the Outright Six-Man State Champions from 2006-Present

    Thanks for your input Tebow, I like how you worded everything and summarized. I haven't worded my picks as detailed as yours but I plan to and hope others join. Much appreciated, even though I disagree with some of your picks lol. This is all for fun.
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    Who are the Outright Six-Man State Champions from 2006-Present

    My picks on who would've won D1 vs D2 champs if games were played
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    Who are the Outright Six-Man State Champions from 2006-Present

    Just my opinion, I think the divisions were very uneven talent-wise when the split took place. If 6man would've stayed with one division, 8 team districts, I'm not sure Northside makes it past bi-district that year. Not even sure what district Northside was in (with 8 teams). I still believe RS...
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    Who are the Outright Six-Man State Champions from 2006-Present

    RS would've blanked Northside easily.
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    Just 3? Lee, fostered a kid from Silverton ( Clifton Baker) before he took over at Strawn. Won a very close semifinal game against a tough RS team on the last play (Baker). Wins state championship against FD(even though Gordon ran through them in district). Takes Coach Rigdon in on an already...
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    Player of the year

    TE was 15 beginning of his freshman year in 2-a-days. Turned 16 on his birthday in December his freshman year... Grayson Rigdon is 15. TE would've been 16 at this time.
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    Strawn vs Richland springs the game we all wanted

    It's Ethridge. He'll be bringing in Braxton, who will be a senior next season at RS. I don't think this is a secret lol
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    Is this number 5?

    Arnaud.. Why are you so obsessed with the Rigdons? Literally, not even 24 hours since the state championship was played "tsford" (RS'r) HAD to make a post about this? Facts and scores have been proven. JB needs to provide everyone in RS with donut pillows to allievate their "butthurtness" 😂
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    Is this number 5?

    To be fair, Mathew was a sophomore and Griff was a freshman under Coach Tipton. They didn't bring in 2 kids from Valley or any other transfer/hires and didn't blackball their newly appointed AD/HFB Coach (Rigdon) to use his kids and put him on administrative leave... JB failed in 11man, knew he...
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    Is this number 5?

    Exactly! I also believe Mathew was D2 All state MVP that year too and Griff was All-state too. RS can't win without them. I see JB is off to an early start in the 6man HS "transfer portal" 😂😂😂 I can see the Rigdons moving from Strawn since Grayson is a freshman and his dad may want to be a HFB...
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    Possible realignment movement

    Doesn't SC and Eden have state schools too? Like Cherokee?
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    "Tight" Offenses

    Is "T", "J", "I", "UB-I", W the best tight formations to run out of? Seems like "T" May, MC, and Strawn is their bread and butter I know they run different from actions but... "T" is dominant. *Idk what Westbrook runs.
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    Defensive Coordinators nightmare

    Yes, ever since the division split and rule changes (targeting). Either way, it's been a great year of football.
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    “Rumor” regarding the playoff team

    Yes please. I would like to see a full strength Strawn & full strength RS go at it in what I would call the most-hyped game of the year. Think RS is way better than people are giving them credit for.
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    “Rumor” regarding the playoff team

    Watched the video too... definitely not a good look for RS and their star RB (the one who's singing a song about the KKK and beating a certain ethnicity with a baseball bat)... Yeah, that happened. Kids needs to stay off that social media crap.
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    Jonesboro vs May

    May runs "tight" whether it's I or T formation. They have the studs to run it but it may be their downfall, down the line.
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    Motley co vs balmorhea

    What??? Would you like to bet on those 4 years you're saying about "been to state"... All I'm saying right now is being realistic, love Jones, love Balmorhea. I just don't seeing the Bears win tonight bud. Experience is everything. MC is the Balmorhea from last year per se'.
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    Motley co vs balmorhea

    Don't get me wrong, love Coach Jones. Love that he turned Balmorhea to a contender and state champs. However, experience matters in 1A 6man. I think MC might have too much for the Bears to handle. Pissing excellence doesn't win you a crucial ball game. Like I said, MC has too much experience and...
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    Motley co vs balmorhea

    MC by 20+... Too experienced. Vance has a lot of work to do