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    Don't Cry Granger

    Well even with as much as I the Astros I always loved to watch Biggio he was a heck of a ball player. As for the Rangers I don't think they'll do much this year but give Washington a couple of seasons, he'll get it turned around
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    N.L. All-Star Leader

    P.S. - Pete Rose not being in the Hall-of-Fame is the BIGGEST disgrace that there is in the game of baseball
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    N.L. All-Star Leader

    Mark - That was not my point at all. The man can play baseball like a freak very very rarely do you see talent like his. We havnt seen it in awhile (Ken Griffey Jr.). All that I am saying is that the man does not respect the fans, teammates, or his team. He takes the money wherever he can get it...
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    N.L. All-Star Leader

    The way I see it he deserved it and it will be good for the game. Bonds' is having an All-Star Worthy year plus. . . It is in his hometown so that earned him many many votes. As for starting I feel that there may have been a better option or two but not many. Also, Bonds' is not a disgrace he is...
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    N.L. All-Star Leader

    P.S. where is Minooka IL??? I am in Illinois for the summer and lived here for 11 years but have never heard of the place. I live in Mt. Sterling IL in Brown County. Do you know where that is Bearkat?
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    N.L. All-Star Leader

    You could definitely argue that way and personally I feel the same. But, I didn't want to make this thread turn into an A-Rod Vs. Griffey thread. I just wanted a thread to honor the man who in a perfect world without injuries would be the single greatest baseball player of all time. W/o injuries...
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    N.L. All-Star Leader

    Is it really any surprise who the top vote getter for the NL side of the all-star team is?? I think not. Griffey Jr. is having an amazing year and surpassing everyone's expectations of what he could do with his injury torn career. Is there anyone who would disagree with me when I say he deserves...
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    I know most of you are longhorns fans why are we not discussing the Ohio State game? ? I mean it was only a 24-7 woopin not that bad? ;)
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    NCAA 07 Football

    I have the PS2 version and i am very impressed
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    Funny Jokes

    haha those are some good ones