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  1. CowboyP

    Week 9 Broadcasts

    Sixmania: Sterling City at Westbrook Evant at Lometa
  2. CowboyP

    Chris Kuykendall passes away

    Chris Kuykendall passed away yesterday. He was 47.
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    Rainjack sponsors Sixmania's state game broadcasts

    I have to give a huge shout-out to rainjack for sponsoring our state game coverage. Thank you! You can listen at
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    Roby to play six-man

    Roby school board voted 5-2 to play six-man in 2019.
  5. CowboyP

    Record set in Kansas playoffs

    In the first round of the Kansas six-man playoffs, Kade Scott of Pawnee Heights set a new state record of 14 touchdowns in a single game. Final score Pawnee Heights 118 Cheylin 85 I should have full stats tomorrow.
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    Scrimmages needed

    Lohn is looking for scrimmages. Contact Richard Jackson (254) 723-2698
  7. CowboyP

    2018 Don Hardin Texas Bowl

    This year the game will be 7:30pm June 16 at Stanton High School.
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    2018 Gholson Football Camp

    The 2018 Gholson Celebrity Football Camp will be held on May 19. The camp instructors will be former and/or current NFL players. Greg Hill has been there every year, and I expect him again and there is rumor that Charlie Peprah will also be there this year. It is free for attendees and is open...
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    Leakey playing six-man
  10. CowboyP

    High Island

    High Island has asked for help. Due to the flooding, the treatment plant that supplies their water is down so they have no water. The plant can't be repaired until the flood waters recede. It could be 3-6 weeks before service is restored. They have a community well that will work for toilets...
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    Gholson Football Camp

    The Gholson Celebrity Football Camp is in need of more kids.  If they do not receive at least 30 more registrations by Friday, April 28, the camp will be canceled.  The camp is scheduled for Saturday, May 20, and will begin at 9:00 am.  Participants will need to arrive by 8:30.  It is taught by...
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    2017 Gholson football camp

    The 2017 Gholson Celebrity Football Camp will be on May 20 and begin at 9:00 am. It is for kids grade 6-11 and is free for participants. The camp instructors will be former, and possibly current, NFL players. Greg Hill, James Cannida, and Dennis K. Smith II are likely instructors, but you...
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    Rising Star AD/HC

    After their reorganization meeting, Rising Star AD/HD Football is no longer open. Randy Jones will remain AD, head football coach, and principal.
  14. CowboyP

    Nueces Canyon

    From region 15 website District: Nueces Canyon CISD Category: Secondary Job Title: Boys Athletic Director Job Description: Head 6 Man Football Coach. This individual will oversee the boys athletic program at Nueces Canyon CISD. Teaching field is flexible. Contact Name: Kristi Powers Contact...
  15. CowboyP

    Evant Cafe

    Avoid this place. I had to send my burger back - it mooed and bled when I took my first bite. My wife's fajitas were cool and of approximately gas station quality.
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    Coach Luckey Funeral details ... y/Memories
  17. CowboyP

    Union Hill new hire

    From the superintendent at Union Hill: Cowboy, About a week ago I visited with you on some openings for our coaching staff. I did tell you that I would not let any information out until it was all final and the coaches let their kids know. Union Hill ISD did hire Shane Mallory as our AD and...
  18. CowboyP

    Bynum AD - Head Football

    Bynum ISD is looking for a self motivated athletic director/head football coach to manage the district’s athletic program and facilities and instruct and coach students to develop skills and abilities to excel in athletics. Provide student with the opportunity to participate in an...
  19. CowboyP

    Aquilla AD - Head Football

    Aquilla ISD is seeking an experienced head football coach and athletic director. Aquilla ISD is a small rural 1A Six Man School District that has a history of having a solid athletic program. Please apply using the school spring website or download an application from our website...
  20. CowboyP

    Coaching changes

    It's almost that time of year, so I'm starting the thread a little early. Please post any verified coaching changes here. Nueces Canyon has hired Keith Hughes as AD/HC