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    Melani Burkhart

    We lost a good one today..Condolences to the Burkhart family.. RIP My friend Mel
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    Richland Springs vs Oakwood

    Where are all my RS friends? Any thoughts on this playoff game.
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    RS new coach?

    Who is the next coach at RS? And congratulations on number 13 you are a father, Congratulations
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    Second Amendment

    I am a supporter of our second amendment,I believe we should be able to protect ourselves our families, property's,I am employed by the second largest school district in our great state,I come and go to several school's a day,and don't believe for a minute that I don't think about what has gone...
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    Merry Christmas

    Just want to say Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all
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    Playoff games

    Sure wish these games could be played on a Saturday,the crowds would be so much better,just hard for the working man to drive all over to catch a Friday game,last night n Hamilton because of the holiday was a sardine packed crowd on the visitor side,fencehugers we're three and four deep,, bigger...
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    World Series--Astros

    not really a fan of the astros,but with what that city went thru, i cant help but pull for them,never did i hear the lone granger say that about the rangers when we were on Luck Astros
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    7 Hits Away

    What a special player The Rangers have
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    Congrats u 8

    Congrats RS on the 2016 State Championship!!! u are good
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    Happy Thanksgiving 2015

    Everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving! Give Thanks for living in our great country.
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    Texas Vs Arkanas 1969

    This is for those old folks who may remember the Humble Southwest Conference radio network and the great Connie Alexander,wow,,Listen for a couple minutes of the call starting at the 52.50 mark Maybe the best play by play man i ever heard...i was 13 years old at the time...
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    Post you're towns State Championship signlittle help bearkat ... e=55BC08FC
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    Niagara Falls frozen ... older.html
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    R.S. Horn

    Man,that horn is loud,I thought by halftime it would run out of air,RS won the first half and the horn was blowing, Second half when Calvert took the lead,The crowd on Calvert's side yelled blow the Horn! And with great respect the RS horn blew,thought that was nice. Surprised the Hico police...
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    RIP Robin Williams

    A legend will be missed. RIP Mork
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    What is Christmas all about

    Merry Christmas Tree is trimmed and Ready The Presents wrapped just right Stocking's all neatly hung out For the Night Only one thing missing in this Holiday of Cheer Seems to be no Christ Child,Where has Jesus Gone this Year? And it's Merry X- Mas all across the U.S.A. They forgot that Jesus...
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    Kinsler gone

    The Detroit Tigers have agreed to trade first baseman Prince Fielder to the Texas Rangers for second baseman Ian Kinsler, according to a report by Physicals are still needed to complete the deal, and another unidentified player could be involved in the deal, according to the...
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    We must not Forget

    It's hard to believe that it's been 12 years since the attacks of September 11. I remember watching it on the TV as it was unfolding. This is a day I personally do not think I will ever forget. Remember 9/11 and all those souls that died and suffered from it and many of those are still suffering...
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    Boston Strong

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    Best Game i ever watched