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    6 man History

    Sounds like something that could only happen at a 6 man game back then. I can not only remember when Garden City got lights (and new field) but also who they played first game (Paint Rock) and the GC player who made the first tackle (Billy Robinson). For the life of me, can't remember the...
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    Karnack to close high school

    Watched their girls win a state title in BB a few years ago - remember them being one of the most athletic teams i've ever seen!! Hate to see this
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    6 man History

    Just wondered who the son was. I left GC the year before but knew and played with all those guys
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    Santa Anna vs Mullin

    Who won?
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    While on the subject of TYLER ETHRIDGE

    Ho Hum. nuff said
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    What am I doing?

    Don't really care for it but that's ok - I'll get used to it
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    Jack Pardee

    I was at GC during the Pardee days. GC had absolutely the toughest cowboys, farmers, and oil field guys you could ever imagine. It was always hard faught but Jack went thru them and made it look easy. I was in junior high but could really appreciate them as well as GC team.
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    Old BK - just curious who your uncles were. Sounds like we're from the same part of the country.
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    Another 6man loss

    Sympathy and prayers for Panther Creek and the families of Helen Smith who was a long time supporter of PC and the 6man nation. Most people who have followed PC for many years will remember her on the sidelines taking pictures. I have fond memories of Helen and Ken over many years. Altho I...
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    Mitch Lee retiring!!!!!!

    Just wondering what Mitch did on opening day of football.
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    Abilene Reporter News Weakens Six-Man Coverage

    Don't know why all the fuss about Reporter News - they never were very good at reporting anyone outside the immediate Abilene area and no six man for sure. Don't see as anything will change. Might be a good reason to not read their paper.
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    What The HE** is going on at Gustine ?

    Don't guess Mr. Luker would be interested. If I rememember right, he was, and probably still is, a pretty good coach.
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    Mitch Lee retiring!!!!!!

    If this is true, the 6 man nation is losing a class act, not to mention a good coach. Good luck in retirement, Coach Lee.
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    Congrats to Coach Ray

    What happened to Shannon?
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    Apologies to Gordon

    Just out of curiosity, did Richland Springs hire another coach when coach Burkhart left. Whether they did or not, will Jerry have to reaply in order to get his old job back. I guess if he does, that will probably be an automatic. If he does wind up back there I guess they will be happy...
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    Prayers for one of our "family"

    Who was the loved one that OB and family lost? Much prayer on their behalf.
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    Photos: State Champ Games in Abilene

    Although neither of my teams won Saturday, I suppose the best teams won.
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    Jack Pardee

    Had the opportunity (certainly not the pleasure) of watching Jack play in high school. We had as good a defense as I have ever seen in all my years of 6man football and he ran thru us like paper. He has always been a good man off the field as well as on and I've admired him for well over 50...
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    Santa Anna vs. Gordon

    I haven't seen Gordon play this year but if SA doesn't tackle better than they did last week, they might be playing BB next week. Hope not, tho.
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    61 straight home wins

    Who was the last team to beat RS at home?