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  1. Rcblank85


    Good luck to all the surviving teams. Play hard play smart and have fun. As you can see by reading all these posts everyday from us old guys, you are going to remember this time in your life forever. I'm sure the coaches have already told you that. So take it from some of us old guys just...
  2. Rcblank85

    GC vs Rankin

    Anyone listening to this game? Rankin holding their own with GC. So far.
  3. Rcblank85

    May vs Zephyr

    So living in Cabo San Lucas I have not seen May play this understanding I'm going strictly by what I read on here and what friends and family are saying about May..that being said (and so I don't get asked if I have seen them play) what's everyone's thoughts on this game Friday.
  4. Rcblank85

    On side kicks

    I am sure this has been a topic in the past. I just have to ask the coaches or folks that are really in the know why the onslaught of onside kicks? I played sixman many many years ago and we never did that...i refereed for some time in late 90's and early 2000's. i was out of the loop for...
  5. Rcblank85


    Looking at the college games today is just a big reminder how any team can be beat...rankings are on paper the game is played on the field. Good luck to all the teams, schools and fans that made into the playoffs
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    District Championship on the line this week...should be a very physical match-up....May is favored by six....May has played top caliber teams all year, they are no stranger to big games and they are playing at home....I think it's May in a very close battle....May wins by 16
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    Just want to say congrats to my nephew....A Jr # 7 Brant Harris of the May Tigers....ALL DIST, MVP DEF REGIONALS AND 1ST TEAM ALL STATE DEF LINE.....Also want to say congrats to all the young men who were recognized this season across the state....and to the coaches, teachers, parents and fans...
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    Congrats to all the State Champs and to the State Runner up teams. I have to say that I am very proud of the May Tigers. What an amazing year for those young men the coaches the school and the community. Tigers can be proud of themselves for all their accomplishments. They were not even...