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    Abbott vs Blum

    This should be a good game!
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    Any thoughts on Abbott & Aquilla's first round playoff games. I say they both win in round one. I would love to see them meet up again in the playoffs!
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    Abbott vs Throck

    I think these two teams are evenly matched and the team that converts on the point after attempts will win. If Abbott can keep Throck's passing game in check they have an even better shot at victory. I'm gonna say Abbott by 12!
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    2012 District Champs - Abbott Panthers

    Abbott 155 vs Aquilla, Avalon & Bynum (district opponents) 0 Congratulations Abbott and good luck in the playoffs!
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    Great Season Abbott!

    Abbott players keep your head up, you had a great season. You guys played with a lot of heart. All of us Abbott alumni and fans are very proud of you. Congratulations on a great season! Seniors you did a great job of leading the way this year. Everyone showed great sportsmanship and that...
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    Abbott vs Throckmorton

    I think this will be another high scoring game. If Abbott can make a few stops on defense they will come out on top. I say Abbott 96 Throckmorton 82.
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    Great Job Abbott!

    Abbott 118 Lometa 100. What a game! Good luck next week in the semifinals!
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    Were Down to 8!

    Great job Abbott, y'all proved that your the best team in the region. Keep it up and good luck next week against Lometa in the quarter finals!
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    Abbott vs Rochelle

    Anybody have any thoughts on this game. I think Abbott will come out on top if their defense shows up and plays. I say Abbott wins 68 to 36.
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    Abbott Panthers 2011 District Champs

    Congratulations to the Abbott Panthers!
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    Aquilla's Week 6 Game

    What a joke! Waxahachie Advantage? This is why they will have trouble come district play.
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    Week 5 Picks

    Abbott over Avalon by 42 Lometa over Aquilla by 8 Bynum over Covington by 48 Penelope over Coolidge by 16
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    Abbott's Schedule

    Just looking at Abbott's 2011 schedule and noticed that six of their ten opponents are ranked in the top 20 of their respected divisions. If Blum was ranked I'm sure they would be in the top 20 as well. This should help Abbott out come playoff time.
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    Abbott vs Milford

    Any thoughts on the outcome of this game? I hope Abbott responds better then last year. I think the teams are pretty evenly matched this year.