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    Where Are They Now?

    Just wondering where the former six-man coaches are now and what they are up to: Roddy Maddox, Clarence Spieker, Chet Forehand, etc. They will always be called "Coach" and there are many others from the past that others may want to hear about.
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    Water Valley

    Saw where Water Valley AD and football coach resigned.
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    What I Missed This Year in Six Man Football

    I missed the comments of Goob and Melanie this year. Hope they are doing well!
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    Top Teams 2015

    Who are going to be the top teams next year? Also, who lost a lot of kids and seems to be rebuilding? Since the end of the season has anyone received any new kids that will help?
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    Why are so many teams looking for games at this time of the year? Have people been dropping previous commitments? Just wondering.
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    Great Job Granger

    Thank you for all the hard work and time that you put into this site. We appreciate you very much. We also appreciate the input from all your little elves that contribute as well. It makes for good reading and helps to improve all of our knowledge of six-man football. I learn something new from...
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    Assistant Coaches

    Just wanted to say Thank You to all the assistant coaches on all the six-man teams this year. They are usually not mentioned a lot, but they contribute so much to the success of each team. Without them, a lot of things would not get done. Without them, the head coach would be overloaded. Thanks...
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    Choice for Deer Rifle

    Been using the same gun forever, a 6mm., and now I want to buy a new rifle. What do you use and why?
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    As I said earlier this year, crowded field football could learn something from their upper level six-man rule makers by instituting a 45 point rule. Aledo beat some Fort Worth team by this 91-0 score. It was 56-0 at half. And some Fort Worth parent has the gall to file a bullying complaint...
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    Government Shutdown

    Just wondering how Obama is going to blame this on Bush. Any thoughts?