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    Any reports from scrimmsges

    Blackwell Hornets played really well against Water Valley!
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    Blackwell will host Water Valley at 10am on Friday
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    Best and worst

    And something else just because....we beat Aspermont in a scrimmage at the beginning of the season and beat Moran by 21 and they are both still in the playoffs! Not trying to trash either of those teams just making a statement since you felt the urge to talk about my boys!!!
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    Best and worst

    I appreciate your opinion guys but what you don’t understand is Blackwell is very young and you can hate all you want too! You are correct about our schedule! It hasn’t been as strong as some teams but I can tell you one thing that should scare the crap out of you!!! Most of the time, we have...
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    Big Game of the Week: Nolan County Showdown

    By far the game of the year!!! Glad I got to witness it!!! We Are Blackwell!!
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    Leman Laments: When will the Undefeated Fall?

    Predictions are fun and in a game that should be for the district title, will make this rivalry game a good one!!! Two totally different offenses and really good defenses will make this one interesting!! Blackwell and Highland are only 20 miles apart so Home field isn’t really an advantage...