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  1. Oilman33

    Let the games begin

    As district play fires up it looks as if everyone will be looking to knock Blum out of the captain's seat. If Blum takes first? Could it be Gholson in 2nd? Is everyone counting Aquilla and Abbott out of the race? Could Covington be the dark horse to win the district? Who knows guess we will have...
  2. Oilman33

    Preseason schedule

    Who has the most challenging preseason schedule
  3. Oilman33

    1st rounds games

    What games are people thinking could be possible upsets or a lot closer than the spreads are saying im thinking the Union Hill and Coolidge game will be a good one i think Union Hill has a slight edge but could go either way
  4. Oilman33

    Best match ups for week 4

    Whats everyone's best match ups this week anyone predicting possible upsets
  5. Oilman33

    Big games and picks for week 3

    Obviously Milford vs Oakwood and Blum vs Iredell are 2 of the more notable games.Just wondering what some other good match up are and not necessarily top 10 vs top 10 Milford by 20 Blum by 8
  6. Oilman33

    Week 2 picks for district 10

    Whats everyones thoughts on week 2 in this district i know they got 3 of us to get 45'd which i dont believe will happen yes Oakwood and Jonesboro are quality teams but i dont see them Oakwood 45 point better than Aquilla or Jonesboro 45 point better than Blum but i may be way off just wondering...
  7. Oilman33

    Train horns

    Does anyone know if there was a final ruling on train horns at the games
  8. Oilman33

    Changing weather

    Will the changing weather have effect on any of tonight's games
  9. Oilman33

    Aquilla vs Coolidge

    Predictions on the Aquilla vs Coolidge game im thinking Aquilla by 10
  10. Oilman33

    Aquilla vs Abbott

    Thoughts on Fridays game ill take Aquilla by 24 they are playing very physical football this year