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    Removing a Team

    I was at a game last night and watched the coach remove his entire team from the field and refuse to return due to "bad officiating". Is this even legal? Eventually they came back on the field, but we were amazed to see them even try this, muchless think that it was ok.
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    Prayers for One of our Own

    Just got word that Coach Satcher's daughter is still in the hospital and has been for a few months. He's a pretty private guy, but I know your prayers would be greatly appreciated.
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    DCTF Rankings

    Haven't found the magazine yet. anyone willing to list DI and DII rankings?
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    One District Game - One Playoff Berth

    Anyone else notice High Island played their first district game today and made the playoffs? Forfeit by Prairie Lea, HI quits game in second quarter due to injuries against Calvert. Finally played Buckholts today and won - and make the playoffs.
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    Buckholts HC Resigns

    My son just called me and said the head football coach just resigned in Buckholts. Anyone else heard this, or is this a dirty rumor floating around the school? Mums the word on campus with administrations, so I'm curious.
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    District Predictions

    I'll go ahead and start this one, but I'm biased, so please understand. Calvert should win this district with relative ease. They bring back too much and should look to make a very deep playoff run. If their coach learned from his first year, they have the potential and roster to play into...
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    Rumor Mill

    I know rumors fly off the deep end this time of year but my boy is going to be in high school next year and I'm curious if theres any rumors to Coach Satcher leaving the Buck? I now his wife got a job up around Palistene and I wasn't sure if he was following.
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    Coachiing Contract

    Is it odd to be in March and our head coach hasn't been offered a contract? After the record setting season he had in football, he turned around and did the same thing in basketball. He has also started a baseball program and anyone who has been reading this forum knows how he turned around...