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    1a baseball

    Who wins state in baseball Abbott Fayetteville Slocum New home I will take the defending champs ABBOTT!
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    County with most sixman teams

    Hill country has 7 Abbott D1 Aquilla D1 Blum D1 Bynum D1 Covington D1 Mount Calm D2 Penelope D1 This makes for great riveries.
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    Div1 Dis14

    Abbott 2-2 offense is come on. Defense let down this week against Blum. It was 30-8 in first. Aquilla 3-1 good team not sure if they have it yet. If they don't get 45' d by Milford then I will believe. Coolidge 2-2 might be the sleeper all district games at home Golson 1-3 different district...